Christ the King Lutheran Church Hutchinson, MN

We will use this [CAT results] to springboard us into deeper conversation and plans for the future about where to put our energy for the Kingdom, in light of what the survey revealed. We will also take cues about what can be amped up or where there is a disconnect between what staff and leadership feels it is doing and what the survey revealed. Helps people get on the same page and also recognize there are diverse views that we need to recognize. June 2018

Episcopal Diocese of Montana

The [Landscape] survey confirmed some speculations. It also pointed to areas that need attention. Very helpful to have someone walk us through the data. We would tell other people that this is an excellent service.  (May, 2018)

Church of the Advent, Cincinnati OH

[Using Conversations for smaller congregations] it was helpful to see the comparison between where the Vestry is and the congregation is terms of transition. It is helping the vestry to have conversation about helping the congregation to move into the sense of renewal that the vestry is having. It has given us a plan on how to move forward in conversation with the congregation as we intentionally try to move forward, together, into the future God has in store for us.  (June, 2018)

Perinton Presbyterian Church, Fairport, NY

Holy Cow! has been impressive from beginning to end of our CAT survey. Great information, advice, tech support, availability, personal touch. The whole process went smoothly and our leaders are very pleased with the results- well worth the investment to help our church move forward with a pastor search and determine our “next chapter”. June, 2018

Community Presbyterian Church, San Juan Capistrano, California

I am telling people how objective and applicable the data is for a church’s strategic planning. What we learned has helped us focus on what we need to address immediately. As well, we have insight to use as we plan for the future. Thank you for providing the most practical and useful assessment tool I’ve seen in a long time.  (May, 2018)

Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church

I would highly recommend your [Holy Cow! Consulting] work to congregations that are serious about identifying necessary changes to launch into God’s preferred future. (May, 2018)

Church of the Servant, Wilmington, NC

I feel we have good guidelines to steer us toward our next steps. The Holy Cow process seems to be a good and inspiring springboard for our future. (May, 2018)

Northminster Presbyterian Church, Troy, Michigan

I have already encouraged other Interim Pastors in this presbytery to use the Holy Cow! assessment tools. This provides the best snapshot of who a congregation is along with insight on how to look toward the future. (April, 2018)

First Lutheran Church, Stoughton, WI

The CAT results affirmed what we already knew intuitively; however, seeing the data provided reinforcement for those intuitions. The interpretation especially engage our leaders and prompted good discussions about our future based on data rather than intuition or anecdotal evidence. (March, 2018)