Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church

I would highly recommend your [Holy Cow! Consulting] work to congregations that are serious about identifying necessary changes to launch into God’s preferred future. (May, 2018)

Church of the Servant, Wilmington, NC

I feel we have good guidelines to steer us toward our next steps. The Holy Cow process seems to be a good and inspiring springboard for our future. (May, 2018)

Northminster Presbyterian Church, Troy, Michigan

I have already encouraged other Interim Pastors in this presbytery to use the Holy Cow! assessment tools. This provides the best snapshot of who a congregation is along with insight on how to look toward the future. (April, 2018)

First Lutheran Church, Stoughton, WI

The CAT results affirmed what we already knew intuitively; however, seeing the data provided reinforcement for those intuitions. The interpretation especially engage our leaders and prompted good discussions about our future based on data rather than intuition or anecdotal evidence. (March, 2018)

St. John Episcopal Church, York PA

The Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT) improved understanding our church’s culture, strengths, and weaknesses as we develop our Parish Profile in preparation for our rector search. I would recommend that any church going through any type of transition could use the CAT. (March 2018)

First Presbyterian Church, Tupelo, MS

Use the Congregation Assessment Tool to understand your congregation’s desires and concerns. It gave great info on where we are as a church and where we want to be as a church. (February 26, 2018)

Conklin Presbyterian Church, Conklin, NY

Having our congregation complete the survey (Congregation Assessment Tool) has enabled our governing body to provide better leadership, ministries that connect with our congregation, and has helped us all grow spiritually together. (January, 2018)

St. Simon’s, Arlington Heights, IL

Our experience with Holy Cow! Consulting was they were responsive and helpful…well worthwhile!  It was really helpful to have the snapshot of where we are in this moment and some of our key priorities. Because we are so far into the upper right quadrant, it was important to be able to celebrate that even as we also know the importance of taking the next steps, which is why we did the CAT.   (December 21, 2017)

St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Napa, CA

Our [Congregation Assessment Tool] report showed, among many other significant things, that St. Mary’s is a vibrant, healthy church but has lacked in leadership & a strong government. Our congregation has high energy but needs more consistent direction.

Dealing with Holy Cow has been an invaluable experience, both in a personal and committee- type way. St. Mary’s was in its second week of testing when the ravage of the Napa/ Sonoma fires consumed most of our energy and sent that energy in a completely different direction from CAT. I called Holy Cow, asked for advice, and requested another week of testing. That extension was granted and I was treated respectfully and empathetically. I felt unconditional Christian support from the Holy Cow staff. (December 7, 2017)