First Presbyterian Church St. Louis

Thank you to [Holy Cow! Consulting] for such a rewarding experience at every level of the process. It brought our congregation together in a new and different way as each person was able to share his or her thoughts and feelings about this place we call home. The enthusiasm that you generated among us on a such a cold day this past Saturday was palpable. Our leadership team is anxious to share our findings in the coming weeks with the congregation… I was also duly impressed with the responsiveness to every phone call, email or text that I sent. Your entire operation is a true model for how a business should be run.  (January, 2019)

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Longmont, CO

Our folks really appreciated our [interpretation] session and found
the information very helpful. We are proceeding in the call process
aided greatly by the Holy Cow instrument and people. Thanks again. (January 2019)

Church of the Ascension, Westminster, MD

We are engaged in an effort to update our strategic plan. The information and interpretation that you provided will be invaluable inputs into this process. We needed help to obtain unbiased information about us, where we are and where we can/should head. We worked with Robyn at first and then Emily conducted the interpretation. Robyn was very helpful in answering questions about the conduct of the assessment and encouraged us to conduct the interpretation. Emily conducted the interpretation and that meeting was extraordinarily valuable. Emily was very patient with us and was able to answer all of our questions in a way that helped us more fully understand the information.

[We would tell others] that they should use Holy Cow, they are really good at what they do. (January, 2019)

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Bellville, TX

110% recommended, but be prepared for the results and use them as a jumpstart to improvement. Don’t dwell on the negative results, any valid feedback is valuable.

We were able to get solid data that shows the majority of the congregation is supportive of growing our membership and attracting young families. While not fun and not necessarily a surprise, it was helpful to know there was a high level of dissatisfaction among the congregation. That is confirmation that the way it has always been is not working anymore and must be addressed. When the time comes, we are prepared for some of the same people that are unsatisfied to be the same ones that struggle with change. We will make it a priority to use that as an opportunity to re-invite them to join the team and be involved with finding the solutions. (October 2018)

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Sparta, IL

I highly recommend the services from Holy Cow! They do what they say when they say they will, they have tremendous knowledge on how to interact with your congregation and they will help you bring new results to your church!

The greatest benefit of the survey was the time to discuss in more detail the challenges and issues we are experiencing inside of our church. The results forced us to communicate about hurts that we have never allowed ourselves to talk about. It felt like a great first step towards healing. (October 2018)

Community of Hope Church, Rosemount, MN

We weren’t anticipating anything too negative, but it was great to affirm that people were satisfied and that our vision and goals were aligned with the congregation. We feel confident that we are positioned to lead out around our vision. It was key for us to have the objective interpretation of the results.

Trinity Church, Menlo Park, CA

We used this assessment to “take our temperature” after six years into my current tenure as rector, and the report affirmed for us that we are in a good place as a congregation. At the same time, it allowed us to see where the energy in our congregation seems to be in terms of future planning, and it will help us chart our course ahead.

Church of the Holy Nativity, Clarendon Hills

The results sparked discussions within the church that proved very helpful in not only helping with the rector search process but also identified opportunity areas for our leadership to focus on for change or improvement.

Shepherd of the Valley, Afton, MN

[T]he tangible nature of a report like this is the most helpful. The discussion has changed from “I feel” or “I heard” to “they said/the assessment said.” We are working from a shared playbook. In our case, it boosted our confidence in the direction we were headed (we had a good report!), but no matter the results, I think leaders need to be operating with objectivity.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Minneapolis

Holy Cow mapped out the process, gave us lots of communication tools to encourage participation, did everything on time and with clear communication. The questions were a mix of head and heart questions and adequately describes the membership of an organization. The comparisons to another 1500 organizations helped us see our uniqueness. (August 2018)