Potomac Presbyterian Church, Potomac, MD

Has given clarity to church board and sparked good conversation about areas for growth. The experience was amazing! So helpful and the staff was so responsive.

Karen Chamis, Director of Congregational Development and Mission of National Capital Presbytery

Over 40 of our congregations have benefited from the Congregational Assessment Tool.  Not only has the CAT been a vital tool for our congregations, but it has shaped the work of our Congregational Development Committee as they seek to provide support for our congregations.  The validity of this tool could stand alone – but it partnered with the excellent support on the part of Holy Cow! staff makes it unparalleled.

The Reverend Canon Torey Nightcap, Canon to the Ordinary, Episcopal Diocese of Kansas

“When I consult with congregations in pastoral transition, I often get a general question about developing some kind of survey for the parish. (The people who ask the question have a bit of trepidation, as if they fear being recruited to do the job.) I respond with specific details about the Church Assessment Tool and what deep forms of insight it’s going to give. Not every congregation loves the act of hearing an interpretation, but any who take it seriously will find a vast field of organizational intelligence they can use to help select the priest they know will bring what they know they actually need rather than what they believe they should want based only on impressions, aspirations, or conventional wisdom. They learn that it really is possible to make better decisions in less time, and with less anxiety.”

The Rev. David C. Ross, Pastor, Highland United Methodist Church

This planning process [using the CAT] was judged by our committee to be the best of several proposed tools for study.  It was well received by the congregation because of ease in answering the questions and the guaranteed anonymity.  The graphic comparison of our church with others was most revealing.

Community Lutheran Church Enfield, NH

I am a big fan. I work with research groups of many ilks. Working with you has been a pleasure. In a sentence, you really know your stuff and like what you do.

Presbytery of Milwaukee

I would strongly encourage other regional bodies to use the Landscape tool. We are now encouraging our congregations to use the CAT tool.