St. Simon’s, Arlington Heights, IL

Our experience with Holy Cow! Consulting was they were responsive and helpful…well worthwhile!  It was really helpful to have the snapshot of where we are in this moment and some of our key priorities. Because we are so far into the upper right quadrant, it was important to be able to celebrate that even as we also know the importance of taking the next steps, which is why we did the CAT.   (December 21, 2017)

St Mary’s Episcopal Church, Napa, CA

Our [Congregation Assessment Tool] report showed, among many other significant things, that St. Mary’s is a vibrant, healthy church but has lacked in leadership & a strong government. Our congregation has high energy but needs more consistent direction.

Dealing with Holy Cow has been an invaluable experience, both in a personal and committee- type way. St. Mary’s was in its second week of testing when the ravage of the Napa/ Sonoma fires consumed most of our energy and sent that energy in a completely different direction from CAT. I called Holy Cow, asked for advice, and requested another week of testing. That extension was granted and I was treated respectfully and empathetically. I felt unconditional Christian support from the Holy Cow staff. (December 7, 2017)

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Damascus MD

The [Congregation Assessment Tool] report shed light on some surprising areas in which the church leadership needed to improve. It will help leadership prioritize future actions to better engage the congregation in certain activities. It also will serve as a baseline to measure against in the future.

I would say it is a worthy investment. It takes a lot of time to plan and execute, but the results have the potential to bear fruit many multiples to the investment. It should become a standard practice for most church leadership bodies to measure their success. (December 7, 2017)

First Lutheran Church, West Barnstable, MA

It gave us a great snap shot of our real growth over the two year period between the two times we took the CAT. Our mission decisions could be buoyed by data and not mere intuition.

The greatest benefit of the tool was seeing that we could risk to dream a renewed vision of ourselves as a congregation due to the increased flexibility of the congregation and understanding how we respond to leadership as a congregation. (October 12, 2017)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Woodbridge, VA

Thank you so much for an amazing presentation today.  You are brilliant and engaging. Everyone was very impressed with you and your cogent presentation.  We have been in transition for two years, and in less than four hours you put it all into a usable perspective.
I am deeply grateful for your kindness, insights, and extremely thorough work. (September 12, 2017)

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Mercer, PA

We had 2 candidates that we were able to interview in person we felt were the best fit for dealing with our situation….We saw a good but different future with either choice.  We requested video  sermons from the candidates and made arrangements to view the candidates at their churches.  Discernment still escaped us. After a couple weeks of discussion,  not expecting any conclusion we put up an easel and marker and listed the information from the Holy Cow Assessment and the answer became clear, it was a real holy cow moment.  There was really only one right match for our church.

 So yesterday she candidated and was accepted with a 97% acceptance. 

David Miron Coordinator, Clergy and Congregation Care Samaritan Counseling Center

The CAT process consistently facilitates identification of underlying dynamics of the congregation and provides the catalyst that enables discussion of these dynamics. I have had the privilege of witnessing congregational members and leadership teams talk after the interpretation of their Vital Signs reportabout named areas of probable difficulty they were unable or unwilling to discuss previously. In this regard, alone, the CAT is an invaluable tool for helping a congregation in its discernment process and movement forward.